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The Struggling Food Blogger

By Lauryn Trimmer

It’s hard work being a food blogger. Sure, it sounds like the perfect job-- you get to spend all day writing about food. Eating is your job. But below the surface, things really aren’t that simple. Food bloggers have to work hard to create their own brand. They must use one or more social media platforms, in order to keep their audience’s attention.

And sometimes, the money is hard to come by. Even the most established food blogs have financial ups and downs.

When a food blogger starts out on their own, their website is small, with no followers and no posts. The hit stats are nothing but one flat line. No visitors, no page views, no social media shares.

However, if the blogger keeps working hard, growth can happen…

It might take years of uploading recipes, selling ad space, and posting on social media before you gain a following as a food blogger. Or, you might be fortunate to build a large audience right away. A larger audience means more profit, which leads to a better website, which leads to more loyal readers. The cycle repeats, which is great… unless you can’t get a large audience.

At Anschutz Public Relations, we know what it means to be successful as a food blogger. We know the hard work and perseverance can be hard to do by yourself. That’s why we work with food bloggers just like you.

Are you interested in learning how to grow your platform? Appear on local and national TV? Get featured in magazines? We know how to help you get there.

If you’d like to learn more, contact us today at our website, www.AnschutzPR.com. We look forward to helping you and your food blog thrive!


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