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Cheers For Galentine’s Day!

By: Leia Vincent

This time of year can be difficult for anyone, but many single women have a special kind of BLAH in their hearts when February rolls around. The true Hallmark-Holiday can make many of us feel alone but Anschutz Public Relations is here to save the day with one of our favorite holidays; GALentine’s Day!

Why leave all the fun to the couples? GAlentine’s Day, held on February 13th, is a special time to celebrate our fierce, female friends, whom we love in a different, but nonetheless important way! So grab your BFF, your sister, or even a group of your favorite ladies and check out our favorite ways to glorify our girlfriends! Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope would have loved these ideas!

Plan A Spa Day!

Whether you want an hour of deep tissue massage, or to clink glasses or champagne during your perfectly pink pedicure, your local day spa will have endless options for relaxation and pampering. We highly recommend a facial, as you’ll want to show off your relaxing glow to everyone!

If you’d prefer to stay in, you can still easily indulge. Light some relaxing candles, grab a fancy bowl of chocolates and tell your friends to come on over! Face masks, manicures, and aromatherapy; the perfect combination when discussing the latest episodes of your favorite shows! Don’t forget snacks! Start off with these Sweet Potato Chips and finish with Cindy’s Paleo Brownie Brittle!

Whip Up A Fancy Meal!

We have a saying at Anschutz PR, “It’s never too hot in our kitchen!” Invite your ladies to join you for a dinner party in celebration of this up and coming holiday. We suggest keeping a lighter fare on the menu, while truly indulging for dessert. (Isn’t it the worst when you’re too full to fully enjoy those sweet treats you’ve been looking forward to?!)

Here is a sample spread we’ve created from Cindy’s own recipes that are perfect for a Girls Night In!

Greet your girls with these mouth-watering appetizers:

Prosciutto Wrapped Figs and Goat Cheese

Italian Antipasto Platter

Mushroom and Gruyere

Start the meal with a light salad or soup option:   

Roasted Beet Salad with Dijon Shallots

Garden Gazpacho

Wow your guests with these Instagram-worthy main courses:

Loaded Stuffed Peppers

Tofu Stir Fry

Filet Mignon with a Bacon Cream Sauce

Artichoke and Sun-Dried Tomato Stuffed Chicken Breast

Wrap everything up with an indulgent dessert:

Chocolate Almond Torte

Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons

Cindy's Drunken Peaches

Serve all of these with your favorite bottle of wine, or our personal favorite, Cindy's Perfect Margarita!

Shop Til You Drop!

How long have you been eyeing that purse for? Do you need a second opinion on those shoes? Will the painting you’ve been dreaming about really work on that wall in your living room? Time to call in reinforcements! Pile into the car and bring your favorite ladies out for a day of window shopping, bargain buys, or splurging sprees! What better way to learn more about your friends than to spend time shopping within their styles! Online shopping can only be so much fun, get out there and support your local small businesses! All of that running around sure can work up an appetite, so having something small and portable will keep you and your friends shopping from noon til night! Make these Paleo Granola Bars ahead of time and the group will be good to go!

Karaoke Bar!

Move over, Mariah Carey! Take a seat, Kelly Clarkson! Whether you’re jamming out to your burned CD’s from high school, or keeping up with Cardi B, we can’t think of a better way to get your giggle on. Although someone is sure to record your shining moment, you will have memories that will last a lifetime! Make sure to get some duets in, too! After all, who can resist a little Salt ‘n’ Pepa or Madonna and Britney!

Hit The Skies!

Grab your comfy neck pillow and your selfie stick, you’re going on a girls trip! Are you and your fellow snow bunnies heading to the slopes of Park City, Utah? Or dance in the glowing neons of Miami beach, which is, by the way, the only major U.S. city founded by a woman! May we suggest the ultimate relaxing retreat, Canyon Ranch! With multiple locations, there is a surely a destination you and your friends will enjoy. So make your matching GAlentine’s Day T-Shirts and prepare for the ultimate celebration. 

However you plan to celebrate, GALentine’s Day is the perfect reason to gather with your girlfriends and create memories. We hope you enjoy every minute of honoring those special women in your life. Cheers to friendships that last a lifetime.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post and enjoy your day.... xo


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