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Why Public Relations Matters During Covid-19

by Cindy
By Kaeleen Barr

COVID-19 has impacted the way we spend our money, therefore large and small businesses are reconsidering their operational strategies to adapt to these sudden changes in today’s business climate.  You’ve made it this far; don’t let your business falter! We have come to realize rather than implementing short-term solutions, we need to create a plan for long-term success.  Now is the time for small businesses (especially) to invest in reworking Public Relations initiatives to sustain their brand. Expanding your business’ influence is a two-part endeavor: maintaining strong relationships with previous customers and introducing yourself to a new audience.  

Why does PR matter? There are several businesses trying to catch the attention of potential clients. You need a great PR team on your side because of the competition created by the countless number of other companies aiming to elbow their way into potential client’s top search results. Thus why the support of an experienced and specialized PR group is so important!  Anyone can order business cards or banners – but that will not be enough to make your business stand out in our current climate. Now is a critical time to invest in a PR campaign to brand and build a dynamic online presence.

COVID-19 has affirmed the importance of professional relationships, as they are what make a business able to succeed in remarkable ways. Not only is PR concerned with making connections between you and your clients, but it also gives you expansion opportunities by building upon the partnerships they have cultivated within the industry. Creating a strong relationship with customers creates repeat business and draws in a brand new business. On the other hand, strong relationships with other businesses create new opportunities to evolve your brand.

In a world that feels very different than it did even just six months ago, now is the time to revisit your business’ vision. To achieve the success you will need to strategize in new ways. There are a number of questions you will need to ask: What is your core mission and how has the pandemic altered that? How have your clientele’s needs changed and how can your business meet those new needs? A PR company has the ability to identify the answers to these questions and the changes that need to be made to assist your company in reaching success!

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