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Anschutz PR Best of Summer Grilling (our favorites)

by Cindy

As states begin to reopen and the weather warms up, people are beginning to peep outside again and thinking about summer activities. With June nearly upon us, the summer grilling season is about to begin. Whether you’re constantly having people over or haven’t used your stove griddle in years, we have a guide for some must-haves, from grills to accessories.


Big Green Egg Kamado Grill

Also known as a kamado grill, this piece is great for smoking and roasting. The closed-off urn shape, along with the use of ceramic, helps insulation and keeps steady, consistent temperatures. This prevents water loss, making your food juicier. It’s also good for making pizzas or paella. The Big Green Egg comes in seven different sizes and cooking capabilities.

Everdure Force Grill

This is a two-burner gas barbecue, which heats up and is ready to sear in five minutes. The die-cast aluminum prevents rust and also absorbs heat and radiates it back onto the food while cooking. Unlike most grills, the Everdure Force is able to have heat from the propane fuel go directly to the cooking grid so that it heats up fast (sometimes, in just 5 minutes) and is more fuel-efficient.

Green Mountain Grills Davy Crocket Wi-Fi Controlled Portable Wood Pellet Grill

A pellet grill uses small wood pellets made of compressed sawdust, kind of like a mix between charcoal and wood, and is used primarily as a slow smoker. This can give a distinct taste to your food (think apple-smoked bacon) while distributing heat and cooking evenly.

Although the name is a mouthful, it does cover all of the important features.  This grill is small and portable, making it good for outdoor activities such as tailgating or camping, but can hold up to 17 lbs. of pellets. The temperature is changed in 5-degree increments, with a range between 150-550 degrees Fahrenheit, giving you great control over the exact temperature. You can download their app to view and change the temperature on your phone, and the grill is compatible with most car adapters.

All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Square Grill

This grill is great for small get-togethers. This works great with thinner steaks or kebabs. Small and dishwasher-safe, this grill is less of a hassle during cleanup. It has a ridged bottom that helps drain excess fat away from your food, while the elevated rim prevents grease splatter or accidentally knocking your food off the grill.


Everdure Rotisserie Grill

 Hard-core fan of rotisserie-style cooking? Then this is the grill for you. This grill comes with Cliplock Forks to hold anything from chicken to suckling pigs in place as it turns, carrying up to 220 lbs. It also has touch controls that allow you to adjust the height of the pole and comes with slide-out storage and warming drawer. Since it’s a charcoal-based grill, you may want to get a coal-scuttle along with a brush and pan set.


 FlipFork – The Boss

Ever been grilling when you suddenly can’t find the right utensil? Flipfork has you covered, with a spatula that acts as a fork, knife, meat tenderizer, and bottle opener. The Boss uses stainless steel and natural Acacia Wood in its handle. The Acacia wood is moisture-resistant and has antibacterial properties that make it great for handling and serving food outdoors. This 5-in-1 tool will help keep your work area clear so you don’t have to scramble looking your utensils and get the food (or your hand) burnt. 

Cuisinart Grill Press

A grill press is a great tool for evenly cooking both sides of a burger, searing steaks, and preventing bacon from curling. It also helps food cook faster. The press is placed directly on the burner, whether gas or electric, to preheat it. Because of Cuisinart’s larger size, it also makes a great Panini press.

Everdure Poultry Shears 

These are used when cutting through the joint of a bone of poultry. Poultry shears are often used when spatchcocking (removing the spine of the bird). However, they are also great for separating poultry into pieces ready for cooking.

OXO Salad Spinner

Washing and drying lettuce can be a hassle to deal with, especially when you have large amounts. A salad spinner helps speed up the process, easily removing the water from the leaves. OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner also comes in stainless steel ). The brand has made the top of several lists as the best overall salad spinner as seen here (Best Salad Spinners), here (More Reviews), and here (From the Appliance Authority).

OXO Grilling Tongs 

At 16 inches in length, these are great for handling larger foods while still keeping you at a safe distance from the grill. The rubber handle and no grip for your thumb will help give you comfort and keep the tongs from slipping.

Bamboo Dinnerware

Don’t worry about broken dinnerware or overloaded paper plates! Bambu has a wide variety of bamboo kitchenware, from cutting boards to plates to kitchen utensils; they even have compostable dinnerware that works as disposables. Bamboo is a more eco-friendly alternative and helps create an outdoorsy, down-to-earth vibe for your get-together.

Bialetti Express Moka Pot 

When out camping, it’s hard not to miss the creature comforts like a hot cup of espresso. Although this Italian coffee pot wasn’t originally made for the outdoors, it has quickly gained popularity among hikers and campers for its small size and ease of use. It comes in a variety of sizes that are measured by how many espresso cups it can make. It is easy to use: just fill the lower chamber up with water and put the ground espresso coffee in the filter; place it on the stove, or makeshift stove wait until the water boils.

Big Green Egg BBQ Glove

This glove helps protect against any burns you could get while cooking at the grill. Made with BPA-free silicone and heat resistant fibers that cover up both your wrist and lower arm. Its glove form also makes it easier to handle cooking more dexterously compared to the everyday oven mitt.

Sassy Q Barbecue Sauce (our team favorite)

Summer grilling is almost synonymous with barbecue. However, choosing a barbecue sauce may be difficult (there’s no single go-to like there is with Heinz ketchup). Sassy Q offers several different varieties of barbecue:  there’s their original, a vinegar sauce that uses apple cider vinegar (great for pulled pork and raw oysters), and a spicy sauce.  Cindy loves to mix the original and vinegar sauce as a topping on a pulled pork sandwich!


Sassy Q Barbecue Sauce Rub 

Barbecue sauce rubs used during prepping make meat more flavorful than if you only use barbecue sauce during and after cooking. A rub forms a nice crust around the meat while cooking, helping to keep the juices locked in and giving time for flavor to seep in. Sassy Q’s sauce offers a unique combination of sweet and spicy to give your ribs the perfect kick.

Although it may be a while before we’re able to go to restaurants or mingle in large public places, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t ways to enjoy the present moments. Even if it is having a barbecue with family at home, we can still celebrate the smaller moments.

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