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Mothers Day in The Time of Quarantine

by Cindy

By Hannah Kaiser

For my family (and maybe yours) Mothers Day is best celebrated with brunch. Going to our favorite brunch spot on Mothers Day has been a tradition for my mom and me for years. And while this year may look different, with restaurants closed and the COVID crisis still confining most indoors, the honor and love surrounding this day still remains. Mothers deserve to be celebrated, and while the quarantine may change many of our normal ways of life, it cannot and should not take away Mothers Day. So this year show your mom how much you love her while at home, with homemade meals, presents, and, the best gift you can give her, your time.

Instead of going out, serve brunch at home with all of mom’s favorite dishes. If she has a sweet tooth, then there’s nothing more suited than a cake… of crepes. This cake crepe can be made 2 days ahead of time, so you won’t even have to wake up early the day of. While the cake may look like a challenge, and surely your mom will be impressed with its thin layers and frosting, the early preparation helps ease the pressure and frees your time to spend with her. 

If savory is more of your mom’s style, then there’s always quiche. Quiche blends together the goodness of flaky piecrust and flavorful vegetable all mixed up in a golden egg mix. This simple cheesy quiche is sure to please mom. There’s even crumpled bacon inside, meaning that she’s going to wake up to the aroma of cooked bacon. There’s no greater way to set the mod for some brunch.

If you can’t decide between sweet or savory, there’s no need to worry. Mom deserves it all, right? So why not give her both with these delicious ham and chees waffles. Combining rich maple syrup and buttermilk waffles with ham and cheddar really is the best of both worlds. The mixture is the perfect balance and tastes oh so delicious, you won’t be seeing waffles the same way again after having a bite.

Even if your mom doesn’t live with you, you can still serve her breakfast in bed, she’ll just have to pick it up at her door first. Drop off an egg casserole loaded with bacon and veggies at her doorstep. She’ll love it because she can reheat the meal for breakfast the whole week, talk about thoughtful!

And while a store bought necklace or bouquet of flowers is always a nice gift, you don’t have to leave the house to get her the perfect present. Consider something made from home instead. Your mom will appreciate that you are remaining safe alongside the personalized and thoughtful gift you make her. 

A great option is a homemade candle. You don’t even need to buy a fresh block of wax (although you may need to get a wick). Use a spoon to dig out the remaining wax from a used up candle or two that you have at home and place it in a small pot. Once you have enough wax, melt it down on the stove until it liquefies. Place a wick in the container of your choice, it can be a tin, jar, or even an old teacup or mug. Something with sentimental value would make the candle even more sweet. Once your wax is ready, hold the wick with one hand and carefully pour the wax into the container. Make sure to be extra careful with the hot wax. If you’re making this with kids, have an adult do this part. Once the wax is in the container, place it in the fridge to harden.

Another option unique to the present day is gifting mom a homemade mask. There are a number of different patterns you can follow ranging in difficulty. There are also ones that don’t require sewing. Refurbish some old sheets or an old shirt to add extra sentimental value. If you want to personalize it even further, you can embroider some flowers or other design right onto the fabric.

Finally, with all of the extra free time you have stuck at home, the best and easiest thing you can give your mom this Mothers Day is time. Time spent with you and her entire family, showering her with love and showing her just how cherished she truly is. Spend the day together as a family doing all the things she enjoys, or schedule in an extra long video call to make it feel as though you’re not apart. Either way, with a good homemade meal, thoughtful DIY gift, and time spent with family and loved one, your mom will radiate with the appreciation and adoration shown to her. So, even in a time of quarantine, this may be her best Mothers Day yet.


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