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Glass is Better

by Cindy

by: Christian Sorto

Drinking water is an essential necessity, but most people lack sufficient amounts of it. In order to achieve enough water intake, many turn to water bottles for help. However, not all water bottles are the same. Plastic bottles are by far the most popular, but not the best option. Glass water bottles are superior for reasons such as taste, environmentally friendliness, and safety. 

Many people claim that not all water tastes the same or that some brands of water taste better than others. In reality, it’s the plastic packaging that can influence flavor. Glass water bottles on the other hand keep water stored with little to no flavor. Since glass bottles are made out of natural minerals, they are free of additives that can influence taste. With glass, water tastes the same when poured into the container and when consumed out of it.

Plastic bottles can influence flavor and can contain harmful chemicals. The most popular of the harmful chemicals found in plastic bottles is bisphenol-A (BPA) and it is an endocrine disruptor. BPA can negatively affect reproductive organs, like breasts and prostate, and lead to potential heart complications. Chemicals like BPA and phthalate are known to leech into the water from the plastic and the amount of leeching greatly increases as temperatures rise so it becomes a higher health risk in hotter days.

Since glass is made from minerals there is no worries about leeching and heat is actually a good thing for glass water bottles. Since glass has a higher melting point, it is much easier to sanitize. For a complete sanitation glass bottles can be boiled without a problem and result in a confidently sterile bottle. With the common cold, the flu, and coronavirus going around and causing a panic, a sterile glass bottle can bring peace of mind. Plastic cannot bring the same peace of mind. Glass is much easier to clean than plastic with less worry. Plastic can develop scratches over time after multiple washes and uses so bacteria can hide and flourish in these scratches. Glass is much harder to scratch so there is a much lower risk of hidden bacteria growing. Since glass is non-porous it cannot absorb smells, stains, or germs. It is also much easier to spot a dirty glass bottle than a dirty plastic bottle with the naked eye. 

The constant counterargument against glass water bottles has always been that they have a much higher risk of breaking. It may be true, but there are ways to prevent that with things such as bottle sleeves. Purifyou offers glass water bottles in 3 different sizes with a sleeve that is labeled with time and volume marking. Ten various colors are offered including a glow in the dark option. With a non-slip and high impact-resistant sleeve the delicateness of glass is no longer an excuse. The fact is that glass is much more environmentally friendly even if it’s more susceptible to breaking. Glass is the only packaging material that the FDA generally regards as safe since it is made of all-natural materials. Glass is 100% recyclable and can continue to be recycled endlessly without any loss if quality or quantity. About 29.8 billion plastic water bottles are bought by Americans every year and about 8 out of 10 of those bottles wait in a landfill for 500 years to be broken down. The number can be decreased with a glass water bottle that can be reused endlessly. The average human drinks about four 16oz. water bottles a day and using a glass water bottle could save 1,460 plastic bottles.

Purifyou is a family owned company that offers glass water bottles to strive towards a healthier and environmentally friendlier world. A portion of profits go towards the construction of wells in impoverished communities around the globe. Their product offers all the benefits of a glass water bottle while also helping those in need.

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