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The Perfect Galentine's Day Meal

by Cindy
By Jondreni Cuervo 

With Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day around the corner, Anschutz PR is here to give you some last minute tips on how to WOW your guest(s) of honor. Throw out the clichés and make something meaningful and memorable with these deliciously delightful desserts and drinks!

For those who want to drink (ID’s, please), I have listed three Instagram worthy, simple-to-make beverages that will have people say “Hey, so are we on for next year?” *wink*

  • Spiked Pink Lemonade (courtesy of Gaby Dalkin): With a fun twist to a childhood favorite, this is a toast to the kid within all of us. Full recipe can be found here.
  • Chocolate Martini (via Delish): What? Did you seriously think that chocolate can only be eaten? Try again.
  • Pink Mojito: You don’t need the sun and beach sand to enjoy this concoction. Just ask Lucy Parissi.

There’s no better aphrodisiac than food, especially if we’re talking about desserts. When you’re ready to ditch the supermarket sweets, get started on these recipes! *chef’s kiss*

  • Dark Chocolate Truffles (via Plated): Baking is a science of its own, but this easy-to-follow recipe will have you looking like a pro in no time.
  • Pistachio Rose Clouds (by Leela Cyd): A couple of ooh’s and mmm’s are sure signs of its deliciousness. Just peek over your shoulder and count how many posts there’ll be on IG.
  • Mini Apple Rose Pies: Not everything has to be sugary, not everything has to be typical. TheKitchn has exactly what you need to offer a healthy food option.

Finally, the hard parts are over with and you can finally start getting ready. But wait, are you really going to use those plates and glasses? Check these out. 

    • Stemless Wine Glasses (via Amazon): These glasses inspired by hit series Parks and Recreation will not only complete your Galentine’s day, but also offer a laugh along with a sweet buzz.
    • Appetizer Plates (courtesy of Williams Sonoma): Both microwavable and dishwasher safe, these plates guarantee a romantic presentation to go along with those delicious sweets you prepared.


  • Themed Napkins (available here): Bounty may be super absorbent, but there’s no shame in completing a kitchen set with adorably disposable napkins made for the holiday you’re acknowledging.


You have been saved, my dear reader. You’re welcome. Now go on, get ready. Your guests will be here soon!


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