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Five Ways to Spoil Your Dog on Valentines Day

by Cindy

By Hannah Kaiser

Valentines is a day to celebrate all the love in your life, and who loves us better than our furry friends? It’s easy to tell how much you mean to your dog, they show their affection in tail wags, snuggles, licks, and happy dances when you walk through the front door. They love us so well, so this Valentines day, make it a priority to show your dog that you love them just as much as they love you. Here are five different ways you can spoil your pup this Valentines day. 

  • Have a spa day

Pamper your pooch with their very own spa treatment. Take them to a groomer to get a fresh wash, cut, and even a pawdicure. You could also give your dog a massage at home to help them feel relaxed and fresh. (Check it out!). 

  • Make some homemade treats

Since a box of chocolates is a big no-go, try making a batch or two of delicious homemade treats. The best thing about making treats yourself is that you can specialize them to your pup’s likes and needs. And an added bonus, you can be certain that you’re not giving your pet any harmful allergens or other undesirable ingredients. Since it’s a special occasion, why not make some Valentine themed treats (Check it out!).

  • Take them out

The best gift you could give your dog is some quality time, so let your dog be your date this Valentines. Take them out to your local doggy friendly restaurant and share a romantic dinner. Or, if you have an active pup, get them outdoors on a long hike together. You could also be adventurous and do a day trip somewhere new, full of new smells and sights both you and your dog will enjoy.

  • Gifts galore

A surefire way to help your dog feel spoiled is by giving gifts. So find your sweetie a nice new toy or bone to play with. You could make this even more special by letting them pick it out themselves. Take your dog to a pet store where they can sniff out for their desired present in the toy aisle. Or, deck your pooch out with a personalized collar or shirt.

  • Get them healthy

Spoiling your dog with treats and gifts is one way to show them love, another, more lasting option is to give your dog a long and healthy life. But how can this be done? Exercise and proper food is a good place to start. But, even further, get your dog some Immune-D. Immune-D is a new liquid doggy supplement that enhances the immune system and overall health and well-being of your pet. It’s liquid form allows you to sprinkle it onto their food, providing easy intake and a 90 percent absorption rate (much higher than the usual 5 percent of pill based vitamins). Helping your dog live a long, healthy life means more time for petting, walks, and all the other ways you can show them love.



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