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Accomplishing your New Year Resolutions with the best in Housewares

by Cindy

By Hannah Kaiser

While it doesn’t require a new year to improve yourself and the life you’re living, we can’t deny the change in date entices people towards setting goals. This is why many welcome the New Year with a resolution to alter, terminate, or add something into their lives. No matter what it is, change is a challenge, and some people find themselves loosing their motivation by the end of February. 

This is why it is important to have some sort of assistance in place. Share with your loved ones your goal and ask them to hold you accountable. Write your resolutions throughout next year’s calendar or planner for a consistent reminder. Or, find products that will assist you in your pursuit. While good habits are difficult to incorporate into your routine, and bad habits even more challenging to remove, changing your life, while hard, is always achievable. With the right motivation, support, and tools, you are more than capable of making positive change in your life.

Kick-starting your resolution can begin right at home. Here are some New Year resolutions and housewares products that can help you achieve your goal.

Eat more fruits and vegetables

There are a few ways you can vow to be healthier. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet is a simple way to ensure cleaner eating. I find that having a counter display, where I can place my apples, oranges, bananas, etc., actually helps me eat more fruit. The displayed fruit adds color to my kitchen and also serves as a reminder to actually eat the produce I buy. I also end up purchasing fruit, since I want to keep the stand filled. Another tip is to buy cute reusable vegetable bags and keep them in your purse.  Not only does this cut down on plastic use, having your own bags makes vegetable shopping more personalized and exciting. 

Cook healthier

If you want to go even further then just buying the ingredients, plan to cook healthier recipes. If monitoring all of your meals for the year feels overwhelming, you can start by consciously making just one or two healthier options a week. Get a few health cookbooks to give yourself ideas. You can also use a journal to track your caloric intake. I find that tools such as the Crockpot or Instant Pot help tremendously in cooking nutritious meals.

Workout more

While a gym membership is handy, having some exercise equipment at home is a good option for those who don’t want to invest in a membership. There is a multitude of different equipment you can get depending on your budget and needs. Even if you have a gym of your own, possessing a set of free weights at home gives you an option for when you aren’t able to make it to out. 

Drink more water

Drinking plenty of water is a vital aspect of your health, yet sometimes it may be hard getting the proper amount for your body. To up your water intake, a reusable water bottle is key. This sleek bottle by Asobu allows you to infuse your water with fruits, vegetables, and even spices to make drinking water more tasteful and interesting. 

Save money

If saving a few pennies is a goal of yours this year, take some time to pinpoint certain expenses you can reduce or cut out of your routine. If you find yourself too often in line at a coffee shop, consider investing in a nice coffee maker. If you think you spend too much money on drinks during nights out, get a cocktail set and invite your friends to your place instead. Or, you can get yourself a useful lunchbox and pack a lunch everyday instead of purchasing one. 

Sleep better

If you’re often drowsy throughout the day, a good resolution for you might be getting more and better sleep. Items such as a diffuser or white noise machine produce a soothing sleep environment. If light is a problem, get an eye-mask or some blackout curtains.

Get up earlier

Getting out of bed in the morning is a challenge for many. If you find yourself wishing you had more time in your day, but struggle with the reality of early mornings, this sunrise clock might be your saving grace. It simulates the sunrise, waking you naturally with light, helping you feel more energized. This is a perfect tool for those who rise before the sun.

Get organized

Get your home in order with organizational tools. Having a way to organize the most cluttered places in your home will help you feel more efficient and controlled. Get an agenda to organize your calendar, keeping your days structured and yourself timely. 

Whatever your New Years resolution is, there is a housewares product that can not only help you reach your goal, but make it easier and more enjoyable to do so.

Happy New Year from all of us at Anschutz Public Relations

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