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2020 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

by Cindy

by: Nicole Krempasky 

You’ve been in your home for a few years, or perhaps many, and it’s starting to feel more than mundane. Your budget, however, doesn’t allow for a big, extensive renovation project. What can you do? A popular project for a little home update is a kitchen remodel. 

The kitchen is a common choice due to its usage time. We prepare and eat our meals here, do homework, enjoy a cup of coffee with family or neighbors; it’s a logical choice to focus our money and attention to such an often-used space. Kitchen remodels can also be done on a budget or we can splurge on them. Each year, there are different updates and trends that rise in popularity for those looking to do a little revamping.

2020 sees color taking center stage in our home plans. It provides the perfect pick-me-up and can be applied in a variety of ways. It’s applicable to almost every aspect of the kitchen: walls, cabinets, and now even appliances, making color changes great for those on a budget or those ready to splurge. 

If you have good, sturdy cabinets repainting is a quick, low-cost effort that adds style with minimal effort and expense. For years, white or neutral colored cabinets were the standard. While white kitchens are likely to never go out of style, designers are finding colored cabinetry and woodwork are gaining popularity, particularly shades such as blue or yellow. Some designers are going a step further, featuring contrasting colors between top and bottom cabinets. This makes it an even easier DIY project, making it possible to just paint one set, depending on the condition and how much you like your pre-existing space.

Another easy, low-budget option to add a pop of color is by replacing hardware. New handles and knobs can add a bit of flair, especially when paired with a repaint of the cabinets. For those who prefer more subtle styles, a hardware refresh can draw attention without being too ‘in your face’. Best of all, it’s something you can easily do yourself.

If detaching cabinet doors and handles seems daunting, you can opt to repaint the kitchen walls themselves. With that update, more homeowners are experimenting with bright, vibrant, or bold colors. It also makes for an easy change in a few years when another new trend comes up or you feel like experimenting with something new. Another option is removable wallpaper. Cleaner than painting, these designs can easily go up and just as easily be removed. It’s great for those who like to redesign often and don’t have the patience for painting or don’t want to deal with a color appearing not *quite* as expected. With a wide array of patterns to select from, there’s something to fit every style.

The boldest and biggest investment in kitchen color comes with appliances. Gone are the days of avocado green refrigerators. Ranges tend to be the common choice for bold colors, with microwaves and refrigerators also seeing some fresh hues. This is one to be wary of, though. If you tire of the color quickly or decide to tackle other projects around the kitchen, you’re looking at a full replacement instead of just a few gallons of paint.

Who can use this update and how do you apply it? That depends on your style. A farmhouse kitchen won’t be able to pull off bright orange walls and stainless steel appliances like a modern city kitchen. It’s important to know what aesthetic you’re aiming for, and how updates will apply.


When we think of coastal living, we think of clean, relaxing light, open, airy spaces. That doesn’t mean it needs to be boring or all neutral. 2020 sees coastal styles taking on the color trends. While white and other neutrals will still reign supreme, a quick pick-me-up that stays on theme incorporates adding color to cabinets, accessories or even appliances. Bright blues keep with the beachy theme while brightening up spaces. Soft greens, yellows and even muted melon shades can add some flavor. Try adding blue hardware or a blue backsplash. Or if you’re looking for a complete do-over, beachy sage green makes for a great paint update on cabinetry. There are plenty of wallpaper options available as well. If you’re not willing to make a huge commitment to palm leaves covering your entire kitchen, choose an accent wall to highlight the playful design, while leaving the rest of the space more traditional and neutral.  


Farmhouse or country kitchens can benefit just as much as any other style with the color trend. Many people assume the traditional wholesomeness of a country kitchen limits them to monochromatic neutrals. Wallpapers with gentle patterns add texture to the subtleties of the country style, while bright colors can really add interest and levity to the traditionally more subdued country design. Bright yellows, deep blues and greens, and rich reds create warmth and liven up kitchen spaces, modernizing the space.


While an all-white kitchen is certainly sleek and fits the modern, city vibe, color has the most flexibility with this design style. Bolder hues can find their home in ultra modern, clean designs, while softer shades also fit the monochromatic simplicity of city style. Black is the new neutral, having a special place with streamlined interiors. Even black walls are gaining popularity, creating a sleek, clean design that exudes opulence and modernity.

If all this is too big a statement to commit to, sustainable materials deserves an honorable mention in kitchen trends. More designers and homeowners are looking towards minimizing their environmental impact when planning their home projects. This works well for those looking for the easy fixes such as updating already existing materials, as well as those planning complete overhauls. You can look for manufacturers and contractors who are California Phase 2 compliant, certified in Environmental Stewardship Programs, and use or produce low or no-VOC paints

Ideas and inspiration can be found on sites like Houzz and Pinterest, your local home improvement store, or you can even look into consulting a designer. No matter what design direction you choose, the kitchen is always a great place to start!


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