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Asobu Reusable Bottles

by Cindy

By Nicole Krempasky

Reduce, reuse, recycle. We’ve been hearing these three little words since elementary school. We all try to do our part, but one way to embrace all three concepts is by investing in reusable water bottles. More health and environmentally conscious people are turning this trend into a regular part of their daily routines. Becoming less of a fad, there are a variety of reasons for turning to these containers.

The environmental effects of reusable water bottles is pretty obvious, but no less important. We can of course get our large family pack of water bottles from big box stores, but those take up space in our homes, fill trash bins and landfills, or sit empty in our cars for ages on end. Fewer plastic, one-use containers keep our trash bins and landfills from overflowing and our homes and personal space tidier. You also never have to worry about running low and making extra trips to the store to restock.

So, how do we incorporate this into our daily routine? It’s relatively easy, but it’s best to start with a good brand that has a variety of options. All BPA free, Asobu offers products beyond the standard water bottle with interesting, funky shapes and designs to fit even the most unique personalities.

For the health conscious, one great choice is their infuser bottles. If plain water is too dull for your tastebuds, or you’re trying to reincorporate water into your routine, adding some natural flavor will make the transition more appealing. They’re easy to use with fruit or veggies such as raspberries or cucumbers, giving you a spa-like feeling or an electrolyte boost.

For those looking for more of a good time, Abosu also has bottles geared for wine and beer. These are great for tailgates, pools (hey! No broken glass in the pool!), beach trips, concerts, and campfires. For the home brewer and microbrew fan, there are even stainless steel growlers available.

Caffeine lovers aren’t left out, either. The standard insulated mugs and canteens are available, but Asobu also offers a wide range of unique and innovative options. There are portable cold brew makers, constructed of rust-free stainless steel that accompany a 40 ounce copper double walled travel mug. Tea drinkers shouldn’t fear, as they aren’t forgotten. The Ice T 2 Go infuser comes in five color options in addition to standard thermoses. Perhaps the most unique offering, though, is the Wireless BT60. The lid-top speaker allows the music aficionado to sync any phone with the cup while on the go.

Fashionistas also have plenty of choices. Most thermoses and reusable bottles come with multiple color options, but there’s also the Clutch. This multipurpose copper lined stainless steel thermos not only keeps beverages hot for 12 hours and cold for 24, but it features a small side compartment to store money or keys, too.

Don’t worry- Asobu didn’t forget about kids. The Juicy Drink Box is styled like a cross between a juicebox and an old-school Walkman. At 10 ounces, it fits securely into lunchboxes and is unbreakable for active kids. With six colors to choose from, even the pickiest child can find something they like.

In fact, if you want to take your green initiative even further, Abosu has a line of reusable metal straws that can be used independently or together with their bottle products along with replacement parts in the event something goes missing or is damaged. If you question spending $15 on a reusable water bottle, consider that a 24-pack of disposable water bottles costs around $5. An Asobu bottle pays for itself after the purchase of three cases. With so many offerings on hand, we can all do our part to reduce single-use plastics!

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