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GoSun Sport Portable Oven

by Cindy

What better way to appreciate Mother Nature than by using a device that runs completely on green energy? The GoSun Sport Portable Solar Oven uses the power of the sun to give you a hot dish in the great outdoors without the need for fire. This unique oven is safe to use on boats, hiking, camping, or anywhere else. Weighing only seven pounds, this tube-shaped cooker is just twenty-four inches long, five inches wide, and eight inches tall, making it compact and easy to carry. And with football season underway, this is a smaller and more energy-efficient way to tailgate.

Just by using sunlight, inside can reach a maximum temperature of 550 degrees Fahrenheit, while remaining cool to the touch on the outside. Expertly bake, steam or roast any dish even on freezing or cloudy days! The steady, gentle heat ensures every morsel of your meal will be cooked thoroughly.

The GoSun Sport Portable Solar Oven is okay to use in any environment – even on the open water! Typical grills for boaters use gas, charcoal or electric, all of which come with risks and are recommended only for use when the boat is anchored or docked. This oven eliminates the need for lighter fluid or open flames and is a safe alternative to other boating grills and poses no risk of ashes, embers, or sparks.

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