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Tailgating Tips

by Cindy

by: Natalie Resendez

With fall inching closer day by day, many are reminded not only of crispy weather and pumpkin spice coffee, but of football season! Now is the perfect time to start gathering the essentials needed for an amazing tailgate experience.

While most families resort to gas and charcoal grills, the cleanup and the negative environmental impact can be a nightmare! Instead of worrying about burning charcoal or gas leaking, upgrade with GoSun’s Solar Grill. This baby uses the sunlight to heat your food with the option of baking, roasting, and steaming.

Most tailgate parties are limited to hamburgers and hotdogs as the main course, but with the portable solar grill, your options are limitless. Upgrade your menu with roasted jalapeno poppers for an appetizer with baked ziti as your main course. GoSun’s solar cooker comes with two reusable pans and is ideal for tailgates because of its low maintenance and fuel-free feature that is beneficial to the environment.

Plastic can be found everywhere in a tailgate, from serving utensils to drinking cups. The sad reality of these expendable items is that each one can take up to 1000 years to decompose! With thousands of families and friends gathering at each football game, you can only imagine the amount of plastic waste that will be made.

Two brands will help you reduce your plastic consumption and waste: TwentyFifty and Asobu!

TwentyFifty is a disposable utensil company that uses plant-based materials to create their products. These utensils are perfect for on-the-go events and degrade naturally in the soil. TwentyFifty offers spoons and forks which can function as eating utensils and are big enough to serve your meal. When purchasing, they come in packs of twelve or twenty-four, depending on the size of your tailgate party.

Asobu is a reusable water bottle brand that offers BPA-free Tritan products. Tritan is a material that prevents your bottle from shattering if dropped. When planning for your tailgate party, many of their products would amplify the experience! The Asobu Wireless literally amplifies your experience with its ability to play music as you pregame. This water bottle features a built-in wireless speaker that will keep you pumped and hydrated! Asobu also has the Frosty Beer which functions as a sleeve that insulates the beer you are sipping on. It is perfect for both beer bottles and cans as it can be changed in size according to what you choose to drink. The Growler is a must-have for any tailgate party. This bottle can carry up to 60oz and is the best way to bring your mixed drinks. Perfect for sharing with friends and family, the Growler will keep anything from your spiked lemonade to your cranberry vodka cold.

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