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The Importance of a PR firm for your Restaurant

by Cindy

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad.”

Sir Richard Branson, the British business magnate, investor, author, and philanthropist famously made this quote in his 2013 book, Virgin Rebel: Richard Branson In His Own Words, and he certainly knows a thing or two about the value of good Public Relations.

A business -- any business, big or small -- lives or dies on two things: its reputation, and the relationship it has with its customers. After all, what good is it to have an amazing product in no one knows about it? The restaurant with no customers and the best food in town is still a restaurant with no customers, and for many small businesses relying on local advertisements simply doesn’t cut it anymore.

That’s where we come in. Networking and making connections are the name of the game for building a business, and who better to help you along that path than a team of passionate people dedicated to expanding your business and making it the best that it can be? With a dedicated PR team, you don’t have to worry about floundering in a sea of like-minded small business owners searching for reputation and renown. With Anschutz PR, you can sit back and let a dedicated team focus on building relationships with key people in your industry and getting your name and your brand out in the public eye.

Public Relations deal with exactly that: a company’s relationship with the consuming public. In the early days of advertising, it was enough to simply advertise your product openly, without any of the “bells and whistles” of today’s marketing atmosphere. Those days, however, are long gone by. Consumers don’t want to just buy a product, anymore. They want to buy an experience, to buy into a story or an idea that is more than just a meal at a restaurant. Consumers want a meaningful relationship with the things they consume, and that relationship is exactly what we at Anschutz PR provide.

The fact of the matter is, if you aren’t spending money on PR, you’re missing out. By doing PR, you are maximizing the effective reach of your business, company, or organization further than you ever could just by advertising. PR is proven to build trust and credibility for your brand without breaking the bank and influences more customers to talk about your product. According to a recent study by Nielsen Holdings, Public Relations and PR firms can be up to 90% more effective than advertising. Remember when I said consumers want a meaningful relationship with the things they consume? We provide that relationship, and the way consumers respond to these relationships can make or break a business.

If you want to build your business and build your brand, you need publicity, and more than that, you need a dedicated, passionate team of business professionals focused on you. Contact us today, and let us at Anschutz PR help build your business to the best it can be!

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