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DIY Mother's Day Gifts

by Cindy

Showing your appreciation for Mom is all about the thought of the gift and not the price tag. No matter what age you are, your mom is sure to value a homemade gift just as much as she did when you were in preschool bringing home macaroni necklaces and picture frames. In this guide, we’ve categorized gifts by their purpose for Mom: jewelry, decor, and self-care, and we’ve separated each craft by the age range able to complete it, so there’s quite literally something for everyone here! These DIY’s are thoughtful and mom-approved so show your appreciation on Sunday with these gifts sure to put a smile on Mom’s face.


The card is the place where you let Mom know your grateful sentiments. These card ideas are cute and easy!


If your a house with small children, consider crafting this easy but adorable card for mom. A clever saying and a handprint can never go wrong. DIY directions are here.


If you’d rather refrain from breaking out the paints and glue tubes, these print-out cards are just as sweet as they are adorable and mix the homemade touch of DIY with the ease of store bought cards. This “Five Things I Love About Mom” card is our personal favorite, but the site offers multiple options to fit everyone’s style.

 PRE-TEEN: This gorgeous card is explained in an easy to follow, step by step guide. All you need to supply is some beautifully colored paper and kind words for Mom. Check out this Floral Pop-Up card by Martha Stewart here.


Teenagers possess some better hand-eye coordination and scissor skills than their younger counterpart, so if you’re a teen looking for a eye-catching card for Mom this holiday, look no further! This adorable yarn heart card is easy but comes out beautifully and is sure to impress your mother figure. Follow the easy guide here


The classic mother’s day gift from the little ones are always some type of decor Mom can display. Instead of the classic picture frame, this Mason Jar Votive is functional, easy, and beautiful. The easy to follow tutorial can be found here. It is easy and it’s adaptability is perfect for the little ones!

 If the mother in your life has a garden or simply loves nature, this Homemade Birdhouse made from recycled milk cartons helps the environment in multiple ways. It is quick, easy, and fun to make for kids of any size. Let it be a constant reminder of this year’s Mother’s Day by following this guide.

Jewlery is the other most common category for Mother’s Day gifts and these DIY Fingerprint Necklaces are adorable and are sure to be treasured forever. It’s a wearable way for Mom to keep her little one’s fingerprints close to her heart! Follow this easy guide here.


For the mother that loves to cook or if you wish to show your appreciation for all those homemade meals consider having your little one paint wooden utensils you’ve sanded down creating a useful rainbow for your kitchen. The guide can be found here

If the mommy or mommy figure is an avid reader, these Heart-Shaped Corner Bookmarks could not be a more perfect reminder of the givers love and appreciation for their mother every time she tucks into her favorite book. The process is easy to follow and the bookmarks can be decorated with cute designs or little notes. Find out how to create this wonderful gift here.

If coffee is more Mom’s speed, gift her this Fingerprint Butterfly Mug. It pairs great with the bookmark for Mom to cozy in with her book and coffee or tea. This easy to make DIY is sure to put a smile on Mom’s face. The step-by-step guide with pictures included with it make this DIY a walk in the park!


 If Mom is a fan of more adult oriented drinks, she’ll get use and joy out of these Chalkboard Wine Glasses. Glass confusion no more! Simply dip the stems and bases of wine glasses into chalkboard paint and voila! DIY and completely customizable glasses fit for any occasion. Follow the guide for these here.

As aforementioned, picture frames are a staple of Mother’s Day. This beautiful floral frame made from recycled egg cartons fits the bill for a perfect gift! Any upcycling mother will adore this, especially when a nice family photo or a picture of the kids is the center of attention! The guide can be found here.

If your Mama is a skincare queen, this DIY Sugar Scrub made from all natural ingredients (most of which are found in most homes) is the perfect gift -- you could even place it in the beautiful painted mason jar linked above for a wonderful presentation. Create the scrub with the help of this guide.


Teens have greater abilities to create gifts for mom that will be appreciated for more than the “cute” factor ;) Use that ability to create these gorgeous Lace Earrings. Any mother with pierced ears is sure to love these dainty pieces. Follow the step-by-step guide here.

Soap making is an age old process, and this Lavender Lemon Soap is just as gorgeous as it is useful. Mom will love to sink into a nice hot bath smelling the relaxing scent of Lavender on Mother’s Day evening. Find out how to create this beautifully colored soap bar here.

The final DIY we have for teens is bath related as well. A mother of teens has done her fair share of years in the role of a caretaker and friend. To help her relax, make and package these Homemade Bath Salts which will allow her to unwind like no other. The items needed are inexpensive and the options for creativity are limitless in the way you choose to present and package these! Find out the steps to create them here!

 Mother’s day is a time for children of all ages to come together and show their appreciation for the person who oftentimes made massive sacrifices to create and maintain a comfortable home full of love for her littles. No matter your age or the age of the littles you are aiding, a mother will be grateful for the time put into a thoughtful DIY gift!

Happy Mother's day from all of us at Anschutz Public Relations!

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