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Perfected Passover Plates

by Cindy

Passover is a time for family and gratitude. The saying “the way to the heart is through the stomach” can take on an entirely new meaning with this holiday due to the dietary restrictions put in place to connect with ancestors from long ago. As a part of the story of Passover, there must me no leavened bread used throughout the meal, symbolizing the lack of time they had for their bread to cook before leaving Egypt.This also means the house hosting Passover must remove all traces of chametz (leaven) through a thorough cleaning. If you are hosting this year, or are bringing a dish to help the host prepare, consider blending the traditional dishes with fresh representation. We have you covered!

A traditional Passover meal is near and dear to the hearts of many and for good reason. However, this Passover, you might want to consider adding new twists to traditional seder dishes. Matzo Ball Soup is an age-old favorite, but with this recipe, the matzo balls explode with the flavors of cilantro while sitting in a bath of curried carrot and sweet potato. Another great starter could be this Passover Seder plate. It incorporates many elements of traditional seder plates such as lamb sausage and horseradish, and creates a beautiful testament to tradition and innovation.

If you have a large group coming to your seder, consider cooking up this Potato Kugel which is both quick and delicious. It is sure to be a hit with even the pickiest of eaters and will look gorgeous on the plates of your guests.

For the main, we’re proposing a traditional Red Wine-Braised Brisket. This classic allows you to cook it ahead of time, giving flavored time to marinate and you time to prep for your guests. This juicy brisket is sure to please and give you time for preparation or family time!

For dessert, we recommend this Apple Charlotte cake which is made with matzo and is a quick bake. The cake is described as moist and tasty, and we think its the perfect way to wrap up a family meal!

For more personal touches, consider making your own matzo or pickled vegetables. These Passover staples are expected at every seder table, and add another level of homegrown by creating them yourself! Play around with this recipe for pickles by adding other spring vegetables! This recipe for matzo is quick and easy, however, a helpful editors note gives useful tips if you wish to ensure the matzo is made by kosher guidelines! Or maybe add olives as a modern symbol for the peace celebrated during Passover.

Keeping the kiddos occupied can be a battle of its own. Allow kids to use some of their matzo in order to create a Passover appropriate gingerbread house! For the perfectly proportioned house, cut two 4-by-5 inch rectangles, two 4-by-6 inch rectangles and two 3.5-by-5 inch rectangles. In order to make a peaked roof, you’ll want to remove the top corners of the two 4-by-6 inch pieces from the top corner where the roof will meet to about two inches down either side of the rectangles. If you wish, decorate the houses with chocolate hazelnut spread, which can also be used as adhesive to put all your pieces together. Almonds are also another great option for decor, and slivered almonds could be used as shingles on the roof! Pipe on some doors and windows or adhere smaller rectangles and squares to add the smaller details!

Another activity which could get the kids involved can also add a personal touch to your table decor and adds a nice reference to the vast and sentimental tradition this holiday holds. Consider allowing the kids to help you create Egyptian-themed place cards! Using this hieroglyph generator, you can type in any name and immediately be informed what that name would have looked like in the Ancient Egyptian world! Write their name in your language to keep things clear on the back of the plate. The nice thing about this DIY is that its completely customizable! Make it a quick activity with printer paper and a sharpie, or allow your kids to get creative with construction paper, stickers, glitter, etc.

While Passover is a time for tradition and gratitude, we think that adding these touches to the traditional dishes can easily reimagine them and certainly will impress guests.

Enjoy from all of us at Anschutz Public Relations!

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