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Life Style Public Relations

by Cindy

The world we live in is evolving, and Anshutz Public Relations is always one step ahead of the curve. The idea of what PR even means anymore is up for debate, but in a fast paced world, we say that PR is focused on the points of interest of not only today but tomorrow as well. Social media and it’s influencers, YouTubers, vlogs/blogs, Instagram celebrities are all making their way into mainstream fame and news.

Words and job descriptions that would have seemed like a figment of imagination years ago are now very real and very valuable positions which we have the experience and knowledge to take advantage of. In what we call “lifestyle public relations,” we are able to use these assets and others to broaden the reach of brands and tap into exactly how consumers view and decide on their purchases. Print media is and has been actively declining in popularity in the past few years and new gold mines of exposure are turning up in every corner with one source of life linking them: the internet. Instagram, SnapChat, and FaceBook, just to name a few, are treasure troves of audiences seeking (actively and passively alike) recommendations and celebrity approvals on products.

Instagram posts are the new form of commercials making a consumer’s Instagram timeline a never-ending Super Bowl Commercial break starring only their favorite celebrities. The beauty of these targeted outlets is that only consumers who have some sort of affinity for that influencer will see said influencers posts through following them and staying up to date on their social media. This ensures a targeted delivery to the most ideal audiences possible.

These social media outlets give options for not only posts, but for bloggers/vloggers to document themselves using or demonstrating products and services. These instances can easily lead and lend themselves to the proper exposure that might lead to local and national exposure for more traditional media outlets such as TV. The beauty of social media is that everyone is connected.

Local TV stations are brilliant, but their reach is slightly limited. With the use of the internet, one can reach anyone in the world, making it a power that must be correctly harnessed to use efficiently. The idolization of celebrities is nothing new, and their recommendations carry immense weight among the consumers of a product. Social media bridges some of the gap between the consumer and the celebrity.

With our expertise and knowledge on the ever changing world of celebrities, media, and influencers, we are able to tap into the latest and greatest means of spreading awareness and messages. We are able to broaden our reach via the internet while still tapping into the old and faithful media outlets such as TV. In an ever changing world, allow us to help you maintain that step ahead of the wave so your business or product is always the first on people’s minds and newsfeeds.

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