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It’s Okay to be “Vegan-ish”

by Anschutz PR

Did you realize that eating too much meat can cause acne, obesity, and even heighten your risk for cancer and diabetes?

The health benefits of vegan living are pretty clear to a lot of people. However, most of us aren’t excited about becoming vegans. It sounds impossible.

Just look at all these foods that vegans choose not to eat:

  • Milk (from cows or goats)
  • Cheese (from cows or goats)
  • Butter
  • Eggs
  • Red meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish, shellfish, lobster
  • Honey
  • Gelatin

But I say it’s okay to be vegan-ish.

Here’s what I mean: you can be a healthier person without giving up all your favorite foods.

For example, honey. Since honeybees are not harmed in the process of removing honey, and all-natural honey has a ton of health benefits, like antibacterial properties, you might want to consider adding a little bit of raw honey to your diet.

Also, gelatin is made from animal bones. So if you are a vegan or vegetarian, steer clear! But if you just want to be vegan-ish, gelatin might be good for your bones and ligaments. Since many manufactured foods contain a little gelatin, some vegan-ish people are fine with eating sprinkles or cookies that contain small amounts of gelatin. So, in the end, gelatin is healthy, but not animal friendly.

If you can’t bring yourself to stop eating meat, try cutting back, not cutting out. By eating a couple of meat-free meals every week, you will start to see small differences after about a month. The less meat you consume, the better you’ll feel.

Can’t commit to a whole new diet? That’s okay. Just do what makes you healthy. So yes, it’s okay to be “Vegan-ish.”

Here in S. Florida we have this amazing vegan restaurant Christopher's Kitchen along with some super healthy places to eat and they are amazing! I love the flavors and how I feel after enjoying a vegan meal. I still enjoy a burger, chicken and fish but eating vegan most of the week for me works!

Go ahead.... Give it a try...

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