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Is Walmart the New Whole Foods?

by Anschutz PR

By Lauryn Trimmer

When you think of organic, healthy food, what are the first three grocery stores that come to your mind?

Most people don’t even mention Walmart.

However, Walmart is offering organic food options at great prices.

Is Walmart the new Whole Foods? Does Walmart’s organic food line hold up to the competition?

Walmart’s goal is to make organic food as accessible as non-organic food. When we check the prices between products from Walmart and Whole Foods, we find that Walmart is almost always cheaper.

But cheaper doesn’t always mean better.

Some bloggers, including Michael Pollan, are concerned about Walmart’s low prices. Low prices usually means cheap production. And the label “organic” might be misleading. Farmers don’t want any low-quality organic foods to hurt the reputation of “real” organic food. (You can read Michael Pollan’s insightful article at https://michaelpollan.com/articles-archive/wal-mart-goes-organic-and-now-for-the-bad-news/)

On the other hand, many people enjoy the low prices. Kiplinger.com published an article in 2015, listing some of the best organic foods to buy at Walmart. And Walmart’s customers seem perfectly happy to buy organic.

In spite of the skeptics, Walmart’s organic food line is still going strong. But is Walmart in direct competition with Whole Foods and other leading health food stores?

I say yes. People want to be healthy, and they want to save money. And at Walmart, they can do both.


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